The module program_options is a direct fork of the Boost.ProgramOptions library (Boost V1.70.0). For more information about this library please see here. In order to be included as an HPX module, the Boost.ProgramOptions library has been moved to the namespace hpx::program_options. We have also replaced all Boost facilities the library depends on with either the equivalent facilities from the standard library or from HPX. As a result, the HPX program_options module is fully interface compatible with Boost.ProgramOptions (sans the hpx namespace and the #include <hpx/modules/program_options.hpp> changes that need to be applied to all code relying on this library).

All credit goes to Vladimir Prus, the author of the excellent Boost.ProgramOptions library. All bugs have been introduced by us.

See the API reference of the module for more details.