The contents of this module can be included with the header hpx/modules/async_base.hpp. These headers may be used by user-code but are not guaranteed stable (neither header location nor contents). You are using these at your own risk. If you wish to use non-public functionality from a module we strongly suggest only including the module header hpx/modules/async_base.hpp, not the particular header in which the functionality you would like to use is defined. See Public API for a list of names that are part of the public HPX API.

Header hpx/async_base/apply.hpp

namespace hpx


template<typename F, typename ...Ts>
bool apply(F &&f, Ts&&... ts)

Header hpx/async_base/async.hpp

namespace hpx


template<typename F, typename ...Ts>
decltype(auto) async(F &&f, Ts&&... ts)

Header hpx/async_base/dataflow.hpp

namespace hpx


template<typename F, typename ...Ts>
auto dataflow(F &&f, Ts&&... ts)
template<typename Allocator, typename F, typename ...Ts>
auto dataflow_alloc(Allocator const &alloc, F &&f, Ts&&... ts)

Header hpx/async_base/launch_policy.hpp

namespace hpx
struct launch : public detail::policy_holder<>
#include <launch_policy.hpp>

Launch policies for hpx::async etc.

Public Functions

constexpr launch()

Default constructor. This creates a launch policy representing all possible launch modes

Public Static Attributes

const detail::fork_policy fork

Predefined launch policy representing asynchronous execution.The new thread is executed in a preferred way

const detail::sync_policy sync

Predefined launch policy representing synchronous execution.

const detail::deferred_policy deferred

Predefined launch policy representing deferred execution.

const detail::apply_policy apply

Predefined launch policy representing fire and forget execution.

const detail::select_policy_generator select

Predefined launch policy representing delayed policy selection.

Header hpx/async_base/sync.hpp

namespace hpx


template<typename F, typename ...Ts>
auto sync(F &&f, Ts&&... ts)

Header hpx/async_base/traits/is_launch_policy.hpp