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namespace hpx
namespace execution
namespace experimental


std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, fork_join_executor::loop_schedule const &schedule)#
class fork_join_executor#
#include <fork_join_executor.hpp>

An executor with fork-join (blocking) semantics.

The fork_join_executor creates on construction a set of worker threads that are kept alive for the duration of the executor. Copying the executor has reference semantics, i.e. copies of a fork_join_executor hold a reference to the worker threads of the original instance. Scheduling work through the executor concurrently from different threads is undefined behaviour.

The executor keeps a set of worker threads alive for the lifetime of the executor, meaning other work will not be executed while the executor is busy or waiting for work. The executor has a customizable delay after which it will yield to other work. Since starting and resuming the worker threads is a slow operation the executor should be reused whenever possible for multiple adjacent parallel algorithms or invocations of bulk_(a)sync_execute.

Public Types

enum class loop_schedule#

Type of loop schedule for use with the fork_join_executor. loop_schedule::static_ implies no work-stealing; loop_schedule::dynamic allows stealing when a worker has finished its local work.


enumerator static_#
enumerator dynamic#

Public Functions

inline explicit fork_join_executor(threads::thread_priority priority = threads::thread_priority::high, threads::thread_stacksize stacksize = threads::thread_stacksize::small_, loop_schedule schedule = loop_schedule::static_, std::chrono::nanoseconds yield_delay = std::chrono::milliseconds(1))#

Construct a fork_join_executor.

  • priority – The priority of the worker threads.

  • stacksize – The stacksize of the worker threads. Must not be nostack.

  • schedule – The loop schedule of the parallel regions.

  • yield_delay – The time after which the executor yields to other work if it hasn’t received any new work for bulk execution.

namespace parallel
namespace execution