See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx
namespace collectives


communicator create_communicator(char const *basename, num_sites_arg num_sites = num_sites_arg(), this_site_arg this_site = this_site_arg(), generation_arg generation = generation_arg(), root_site_arg root_site = root_site_arg())#

Create a new communicator object usable with any collective operation

This functions creates a new communicator object that can be called in order to pre-allocate a communicator object usable with multiple invocations of any of the collective operations (such as all_gather, all_reduce, all_to_all, broadcast, etc.).

  • basename – The base name identifying the collective operation

  • num_sites – The number of participating sites (default: all localities).

  • generation – The generational counter identifying the sequence number of the collective operation performed on the given base name. This is optional and needs to be supplied only if the collective operation on the given base name has to be performed more than once.

  • this_site – The sequence number of this invocation (usually the locality id). This value is optional and defaults to whatever hpx::get_locality_id() returns. \params root_site The site that is responsible for creating the collective support object. This value is optional and defaults to ‘0’ (zero).


This function returns a new communicator object usable with the collective operation.