See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx
namespace resiliency
namespace experimental


template<typename BaseExecutor, typename Validate>
replay_executor<BaseExecutor, typename std::decay<Validate>::type> make_replay_executor(BaseExecutor &exec, std::size_t n, Validate &&validate)
template<typename BaseExecutor>
replay_executor<BaseExecutor, detail::replay_validator> make_replay_executor(BaseExecutor &exec, std::size_t n)
template<typename BaseExecutor, typename Validate>
class replay_executor

Public Types

using execution_category = typename BaseExecutor::execution_category
using executor_parameters_type = typename BaseExecutor::executor_parameters_type
template<typename Result>
using future_type = typename hpx::parallel::execution::executor_future<BaseExecutor, Result>::type

Public Functions

template<typename F>
replay_executor(BaseExecutor &exec, std::size_t n, F &&f)
bool operator==(replay_executor const &rhs) const
bool operator!=(replay_executor const &rhs) const
replay_executor const &context() const
template<typename F, typename ...Ts>
decltype(auto) async_execute(F &&f, Ts&&... ts) const
template<typename F, typename S, typename ...Ts>
decltype(auto) bulk_async_execute(F &&f, S const &shape, Ts&&... ts) const

Public Static Attributes

constexpr int num_spread = 4
constexpr int num_tasks = 128

Private Members

BaseExecutor &exec_
std::size_t replay_count_
Validate validator_