Defined in header hpx/functional.hpp.

See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx

Top level namespace.


template<typename T>
constexpr bool is_bind_expression_v = is_bind_expression<T>::value#
template<typename T>
struct is_bind_expression : public std::is_bind_expression<T>#
#include <is_bind_expression.hpp>

If T is the type produced by a call to hpx::bind, this template is derived from std::true_type. For any other type, this template is derived from std::false_type.

This template may be specialized for a user-defined type T to implement UnaryTypeTrait with base characteristic of std::true_type to indicate that T should be treated by hpx::bind as if it were the type of a bind subexpression: when a bind-generated function object is invoked, a bound argument of this type will be invoked as a function object and will be given all the unbound arguments passed to the bind-generated object.

Subclassed by hpx::is_bind_expression< T const >

template<typename T>
struct is_bind_expression<T const> : public hpx::is_bind_expression<T>#
namespace traits


typedef hpx::is_bind_expression<T> instead#


template<typename T>  HPX_DEPRECATED_V (1, 8, "hpx::traits::is_bind_expression_v is deprecated, use " "hpx::is_bind_expression_v instead") inline const expr bool is_bind_expression_v