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This macro is used create and to register a minimal plugin registry with Hpx.Plugin.

HPX_REGISTER_PLUGIN_REGISTRY_2(PluginType, pluginname)
HPX_REGISTER_PLUGIN_REGISTRY_4(PluginType, pluginname, pluginsection, pluginsuffix)
HPX_REGISTER_PLUGIN_REGISTRY_5(PluginType, pluginname, pluginstring, pluginsection, pluginsuffix)
namespace hpx
namespace plugins
template<typename Plugin, char const *const Name, char const *const Section, char const *const Suffix>
struct plugin_registry : public plugin_registry_base
#include <plugin_registry.hpp>

The plugin_registry provides a minimal implementation of a plugin’s registry. If no additional functionality is required this type can be used to implement the full set of minimally required functions to be exposed by a plugin’s registry instance.

Template Parameters
  • Plugin: The plugin type this registry should be responsible for.

Public Functions

bool get_plugin_info(std::vector<std::string> &fillini)

Return the ini-information for all contained components.


Returns true if the parameter fillini has been successfully initialized with the registry data of all implemented in this module.

  • fillini: [in] The module is expected to fill this vector with the ini-information (one line per vector element) for all components implemented in this module.