See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx
namespace parcelset#


using parcel_write_handler_type = hpx::function<void(std::error_code const&, parcelset::parcel const&)>#

The type of a function that can be registered as a parcel write handler using the function hpx::set_parcel_write_handler.


A parcel write handler is a function which is called by the parcel layer whenever a parcel has been sent by the underlying networking library and if no explicit parcel handler function was specified for the parcel.


enum parcelport_background_mode#

Type of background work to perform.


enumerator parcelport_background_mode_flush_buffers#

perform buffer flush operations

enumerator parcelport_background_mode_send#

perform send operations (includes buffer flush)

enumerator parcelport_background_mode_receive#

perform receive operations

enumerator parcelport_background_mode_all#

perform all operations