API reference#

HPX follows a versioning scheme with three numbers: major.minor.patch. We guarantee no breaking changes in the API for patch releases. Minor releases may remove or break existing APIs, but only after a deprecation period of at least two minor releases. In rare cases do we outright remove old and unused functionality without a deprecation period.

We do not provide any ABI compatibility guarantees between any versions, debug and release builds, and builds with different C++ standards.

The public API of HPX is presented below. Clicking on a name brings you to the full documentation for the class or function. Including the header specified in a heading brings in the features listed under that heading.


Names listed here are guaranteed stable with respect to semantic versioning. However, at the moment the list is incomplete and certain unlisted features are intended to be in the public API. While we work on completing the list, if you’re unsure about whether a particular unlisted name is part of the public API you can get into contact with us or open an issue and we’ll clarify the situation.