This module provides the following local LCOs:

  • hpx::lcos::local::and_gate

  • hpx::lcos::local::channel

  • hpx::lcos::local::one_element_channel

  • hpx::lcos::local::receive_channel

  • hpx::lcos::local::send_channel

  • hpx::lcos::local::guard

  • hpx::lcos::local::guard_set

  • hpx::lcos::local::run_guarded

  • hpx::lcos::local::conditional_trigger

  • hpx::packaged_task

  • hpx::promise

  • hpx::lcos::local::receive_buffer

  • hpx::lcos::local::trigger

See lcos_distributed for distributed LCOs. Basic synchronization primitives for use in HPX threads can be found in synchronization. async_combinators contains useful utility functions for combining futures.

See the API reference of this module for more details.