Defined in header hpx/plugin_factories/plugin_registry.hpp.

See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.



This macro is used create and to register a minimal plugin registry with Hpx.Plugin.

HPX_REGISTER_PLUGIN_REGISTRY_2(PluginType, pluginname)#
HPX_REGISTER_PLUGIN_REGISTRY_4(PluginType, pluginname, pluginsection, pluginsuffix)#
HPX_REGISTER_PLUGIN_REGISTRY_5(PluginType, pluginname, pluginstring, pluginsection, pluginsuffix)#
namespace hpx
namespace plugins
template<typename Plugin, char const *const Name, char const *const Section, char const *const Suffix>
struct plugin_registry : public plugin_registry_base#
#include <plugin_registry.hpp>

The plugin_registry provides a minimal implementation of a plugin’s registry. If no additional functionality is required this type can be used to implement the full set of minimally required functions to be exposed by a plugin’s registry instance.

Template Parameters

Plugin – The plugin type this registry should be responsible for.

Public Functions

inline bool get_plugin_info(std::vector<std::string> &fillini) override#

Return the ini-information for all contained components.


fillini – [in] The module is expected to fill this vector with the ini-information (one line per vector element) for all components implemented in this module.


Returns true if the parameter fillini has been successfully initialized with the registry data of all implemented in this module.