Defined in header hpx/plugin_factories/binary_filter_factory.hpp.

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This macro is used create and to register a minimal component factory with Hpx.Plugin.

namespace hpx
namespace plugins
template<typename BinaryFilter>
struct binary_filter_factory : public binary_filter_factory_base#
#include <binary_filter_factory.hpp>

The message_handler_factory provides a minimal implementation of a message handler’s factory. If no additional functionality is required this type can be used to implement the full set of minimally required functions to be exposed by a message handler’s factory instance.

Template Parameters

BinaryFilter – The message handler type this factory should be responsible for.

Public Functions

inline binary_filter_factory(util::section const *global, util::section const *local, bool isenabled)#

Construct a new factory instance.


The contents of both sections has to be cloned in order to save the configuration setting for later use.

  • global – [in] The pointer to a hpx::util::section instance referencing the settings read from the [settings] section of the global configuration file (hpx.ini) This pointer may be nullptr if no such section has been found.

  • local – [in] The pointer to a hpx::util::section instance referencing the settings read from the section describing this component type: [hpx.components.<name>], where <name> is the instance name of the component as given in the configuration files.

  • isenabled

~binary_filter_factory() override = default#
inline serialization::binary_filter *create(bool compress, serialization::binary_filter *next_filter = nullptr) override#

Create a new instance of a message handler

return Returns the newly created instance of the message handler supported by this factory

Protected Attributes

util::section global_settings_#
util::section local_settings_#
bool isenabled_#