Defined in header hpx/collectives/communication_set.hpp.

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namespace hpx

Top level HPX namespace.

namespace collectives

Top level HPX namespace.


communicator create_communication_set(char const *basename, num_sites_arg num_sites = num_sites_arg(), this_site_arg this_site = this_site_arg(), generation_arg generation = generation_arg(), arity_arg arity = arity_arg())#

The function create_communication_set sets up a (distributed) tree-like communication structure that can be used with any of the collective APIs (such like all_to_all and similar).

  • basename – The base name identifying the all_to_all operation

  • num_sites – The number of participating sites (default: all localities).

  • this_site – The sequence number of this invocation (usually the locality id). This value is optional and defaults to whatever hpx::get_locality_id() returns.

  • generation – The generational counter identifying the sequence number of the collective operation performed on the given base name. This is optional and needs to be supplied only if the collective operation on the given base name has to be performed more than once.

  • arity – The number of children each of the communication nodes is connected to (default: picked based on num_sites).


This function returns a new communicator object usable with the collective operation.