Defined in header hpx/chrono.hpp.

See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx
namespace chrono#
struct high_resolution_clock#
#include <high_resolution_clock.hpp>

Class hpx::chrono::high_resolution_clock represents the clock with the smallest tick period provided by the implementation. It may be an alias of std::chrono::system_clock or std::chrono::steady_clock, or a third, independent clock. hpx::chrono::high_resolution_clock meets the requirements of TrivialClock.

Public Static Functions

static inline std::uint64_t now() noexcept#

returns a std::chrono::time_point representing the current value of the clock

static inline constexpr std::uint64_t() min () noexcept
static inline constexpr std::uint64_t() max () noexcept