Defined in header hpx/runtime_components/component_factory.hpp.

See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.


HPX_REGISTER_COMPONENT(type, name, mode)#

Define a component factory for a component type.

This macro is used create and to register a minimal component factory for a component type which allows it to be remotely created using the hpx::new_<> function.

This macro can be invoked with one, two or three arguments

  • type – The type parameter is a (fully decorated) type of the component type for which a factory should be defined.

  • name – The name parameter specifies the name to use to register the factory. This should uniquely (system-wide) identify the component type. The name parameter must conform to the C++ identifier rules (without any namespace). If this parameter is not given, the first parameter is used.

  • mode – The mode parameter has to be one of the defined enumeration values of the enumeration hpx::components::factory_state. The default for this parameter is hpx::components::factory_state::enabled.