Defined in header hpx/executors_distributed/distribution_policy_executor.hpp.

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namespace hpx
namespace parallel
namespace execution


template<typename DistPolicy>
distribution_policy_executor(DistPolicy&&) -> distribution_policy_executor<std::decay_t<DistPolicy>>#
template<typename DistPolicy>  HPX_DEPRECATED_V (1, 9, "hpx::parallel::execution::make_distribution_policy_executor is " "deprecated, use " "hpx::parallel::execution::distribution_policy_executor instead") distribution_policy_executor< std

Create a new distribution_policy_executor from the given distribution_policy.


policy – The distribution_policy to create an executor from

template<typename DistPolicy>
class distribution_policy_executor
#include <distribution_policy_executor.hpp>

A distribution_policy_executor creates groups of parallel execution agents that execute in threads implicitly created by the executor and placed on any of the associated localities.

Template Parameters

DistPolicy – The distribution policy type for which an executor should be created. The expression hpx::traits::is_distribution_policy_v<DistPolicy> must evaluate to true.