Defined in header hpx/errors/exception_list.hpp.

See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx
class exception_list : public hpx::exception#
#include <exception_list.hpp>

The class exception_list is a container of exception_ptr objects parallel algorithms may use to communicate uncaught exceptions encountered during parallel execution to the caller of the algorithm

The type exception_list::const_iterator fulfills the requirements of a forward iterator.

Public Types

using iterator = exception_list_type::const_iterator#

bidirectional iterator

Public Functions

inline std::size_t size() const noexcept#

The number of exception_ptr objects contained within the exception_list.


Complexity: Constant time.

inline exception_list_type::const_iterator begin() const noexcept#

An iterator referring to the first exception_ptr object contained within the exception_list.

inline exception_list_type::const_iterator end() const noexcept#

An iterator which is the past-the-end value for the exception_list.