Defined in header hpx/functional.hpp.

See Public API for a list of names and headers that are part of the public HPX API.

namespace hpx

Top level namespace.


template<typename F, typename ...Ts>
constexpr hpx::detail::bound_back<std::decay_t<F>, util::make_index_pack_t<sizeof...(Ts)>, util::decay_unwrap_t<Ts>...> bind_back(F &&f, Ts&&... vs)#

Function templates bind_back generate a forwarding call wrapper for f. Calling this wrapper is equivalent to invoking f with its last sizeof…(Ts) parameters bound to vs.

  • f – Callable object (function object, pointer to function, reference to function, pointer to member function, or pointer to data member) that will be bound to some arguments

  • vs – list of the arguments to bind to the last sizeof…(Ts) parameters of f


A function object of type T that is unspecified, except that the types of objects returned by two calls to hpx::bind_back with the same arguments are the same.

template<typename F>
constexpr std::decay_t<F> bind_back(F &&f)#
namespace serialization


template<typename Archive, typename F, typename ...Ts>
void serialize(Archive &ar, ::hpx::detail::bound_back<F, Ts...> &bound, unsigned int const version = 0)#
namespace util


template<typename F, typename... Ts>  HPX_DEPRECATED_V (1, 8, "hpx::util::bind_back is deprecated, use hpx::bind_back instead") const expr decltype(auto) bind_back(F &&f