HPX V0.8.1 (Apr 21, 2012)#

This is a point release including important bug fixes for HPX V0.8.0 (Mar 23, 2012).

General changes#

  • HPX does not need to be installed anymore to be functional.

Bug fixes (closed tickets)#

Here is a list of the important tickets we closed for this point release:

  • Issue #295 - Don’t require install path to be known at compile time.

  • Issue #371 - Add hpx iostreams to standard build.

  • Issue #384 - Fix compilation with GCC 4.7.

  • Issue #390 - Remove keep_factory_alive startup call from ShenEOS; add shutdown call to H5close.

  • Issue #393 - Thread affinity control is broken.

Bug fixes (commits)#

Here is a list of the important commits included in this point release:

  • r7642 - External: Fix backtrace memory violation.

  • r7775 - Components: Fix symbol visibility bug with component startup

    providers. This prevents one components providers from overriding another components.

  • r7778 - Components: Fix startup/shutdown provider shadowing issues.